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Seven Ideas You Can Steal From My Students

  • June 17, 2016
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When I ask my students to help me to explain how do we work during our classes, they tell me a lot. The most often they agree that it’s like a football game.

What exactly do they mean by saying that?

You’re a team player

You’re working together with your teacher, your classmates, and even that boy who is staring through the window.

All of us is a team, we go to our goals to achieve our dreams or anything from learning and fun process. As a football player, we won’t stop learning and laughing if we’re in a bad mood.

In the classroom, we only see our main target: to study new.


You have the rules to follow

Have you ever seen Messy being late for his match? When he’s late, maybe this is not his game or his playing field. When he plays football, he doesn’t play soccer.

Every lesson you discover something new. You also learn new rules of the English language. You are not forced to, but it will clearly be better to use English during the English classes.


You’ve got a great audience

You can speak to your friends who also study English; you can talk with native speakers through Hangouts sessions or Skype talking. There is no way for you to avoid speaking and listening seances.

The Real Benefit For You is that you can choose the partner to talk to – his/her accent, the speed of the speech, etc.


You have the ability to think quickly

Never before you’ve had such an active memory, and drawn conclusions so simply. It’s true that new language gives you new skills and enhances your thinking abilities.

I can’t say for everyone, but my students who already are grandparents show much better and faster thoughts than the people who don’t study a new language.


You have a passion

Of course! You can’t do anything without passion. Learning a new dialect asks for a try, love, hard and intense work. Only later you will be able to say that you are passionately in love with the English language. Now you may look tired and astonished of this strange new grammar, which is in the same unusual way somehow gathered in your head.


You have a vision

Without a vision, a student won’t go further. I’m so sorry about that. I wish I could do something with a student with no perception, but it’s impossible. First, we create it, and then we learn. Please, don’t be afraid – this is easy work. Here both a student and a teacher do this job.


You are intelligent

I have almost nothing to add here as if you weren’t smart, you wouldn’t learn a new language, especially such useful as English is.

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