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Exercises: 14 Typical Mistakes With Prepositions.

  • June 24, 2016
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Dear students, I hope that you’ve learnt the grammar for this class and homework. Do the exercises with a little more attention than usual. I’ve tried to make the praxis as easy as possible, but that was impossible. So, good luck!

1) Choose one: To/At

We arrived __ the station.Let’s meet __ Adams’.

I’m going ___ you.

Mary returned __ the store.

She knows that he’s always __ his friends’.

2) Choose one: For/Since

We’ve been studying maths __ five years.

You’ve been studying languages __ I know you.

He has been traveling __ five years.

I’ve been here __ the whole hour. Where have you been?

He’s been with the company __ it was established.

Prepositions infographic

3) Choose one: In/For/On/At (Dates, Seasons, Times, Months and Holidays)

Muriel has a meeting __ the morning.

She’ll be here __ 6:00 PM as she’s always __ time.

The term paper is due __ 8:00 AM __ the 5th.

He’d like to travel __ August.

She’ll buy tickets __ the 12th of August for them.

The whole family loves to go sailing __ the springtime.

Are you going to the barbecue __ the 4th of July?

4) Choose one: About/Up to/Around (Quantities)

Thank you, but it’s enough. I ate ___ six cakes today.

It’ll be ___ four films for today.

I don’t know exactly, but it’s ___ 20.

5) Choose one: In/On/At (Regions & Places)

There’s a bank __ Birch Street.

Currently, my parents live __ France.

We drove to the beach and swam __ the ocean.

The Andersons live __ 144 Byrd Lane.

___ the seaside certainly should be fresh air.

6) Choose one: Of/For/About/Zero Preposition (in Phrases)

Mark is afraid __ bears.

I’m afraid __ that you can’t do it as soon as possible.

__ the love __ mercy, stop that noise.

Usually, he feels no concern __ anything.

You should study __ a degree.

Please, don’t worry ____ us; we’ll be safe.

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