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New: Articles Homework

  • June 13, 2016
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Did you use your new knowledge on the articles during the last holidays? So, finally it’s Happy Monday time to do our homework!

Put the indefinite article “a” where needed:

  • I want chair to be of the same color as that table. (I want a chair to be of the same color as that table.)
  • Give me, please, cup of tea.
  • You know, he gave me rose once.
  • What do you do? – I’m student yet.
  • Such nice day!
  • Andrew wants to become singer when he grows up.
  • You’ve eaten only piece of bread and some sugar in your coffee!
  • He’s got ticket to the theatre for her.
  • She’s bank accountant.
  • What lovely superhero in that film. Super-cat!
  • I’d like to take bus. I’m so scared of the metro!
  • This is hammer, and that is hatchet.
  • How can you repair broken hammer?
  • They’ve got new poster. Do you like it?
  • We were contemplating beautiful dress. Where to get money from to buy it today?Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 14.38.35

Put the indefinite article “a” or “an” where needed:

  • I am writing article about these elephants. (I am writing an article about the elephants.)
  • Do you want ice cream?
  • She says only “hello” to me.
  • We’ll be ready in hour.
  • He’s ambitious student.
  • No, I’d prefer to take cup of coffee.
  • Fred is working on an MBA.
  • That was extraordinary strange person!
  • What awesome face! Do it again, please!
  • It’s usual cat.
  • Cat is ubiquitous animal.
  • This castle is in unacceptable condition. Unacceptable!
  • Do you know my friend? He’s violinist.
  • Mommy, I want dog. Buy me dog.
  • Leyla is an FBI agent.
  • I’m new employee here. Could you, please, help me?
  • They are new team, but they do their best. Ask them.
  • She’s mother of two children; I don’t know anything more about her.
  • What do you like romantic or police story?articles

Put the definite article or the zero article where needed:

  • You’re best student I’ve ever met. (You’re the best student I’ve ever met.)
  • Open door, please.
  • bear eats salmon.
  • I’m in room.
  • Earth rotates around Sun.
  • He knew where was umbrella you were looking for.
  • Moon is Earth’s satellite.
  • Paris is capital of France.
  • I guess, you’re one who is always right.
  • Give me some water, please.
  • Yes, I’d like some milk.
  • Would you like wine with dinner?
  • We’re learning English.
  • One friend of mine speaks 15 languages.
  • It’s Arabic, Swahili, English, French, and so many native dialects!
  • Time is money.
  • Nile is a very big river.
  • Have you ever been to Philippines?
  • Do they have some photos of Great Canyon?

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