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Qualitative adjective

  • September 23, 2015
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A qualitative adjective is used to describe the features or qualities of a noun (a person, place, thing, idea and so forth). They are “gradable,” with superlative, comparative and positive forms. They are generally found before the word they modify but can be seen throughout the sentence.

“The big bowl is full of appetizing raspberries.”

Cold winds warned us of the coming of a horrible storm.”

“In the canyon, wild horses grazed on the tall grass.”

“The burger was delightful.”Qualitative adjective

Classifying and Color Adjectives

Different from qualitative adjectives, classifying ones put nouns into categories, groups or classes and do not usually have gradable (superlative or comparative) forms.

“Our weekly meeting” we can’t use “more weekly meeting”

Color adjectives are just that: descriptive of color.

“I’ve got a green ball.”


Multiple descriptive words can be used for a single noun. Punctuating these is basically done the same way a list is punctuated, with commas for separation and an “and” between the final two.

“The painting was blue, pink, purple and green.”

An order has been established, though it is not law. A natural flow of the sentence outweighs any rules.

quantity – opinion or value – size – shape – age – color – origin – material

“Round, old, red, silk hats”



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