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English for Intermediate Students, Lesson 3: Perfect Homework, Part two

  • February 17, 2016
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Finally, we have studied this subject!

I know, it was not easy for all of you, but when we are here we have to practice. This is not in my rules to leave my students without a lot of homework.

Yesterday we did some exercises just to recall the rules; today the practice would be more intense. Remember: practice makes perfect.

Change back to the Present Perfect:

  • He had done his part of the deal.
  • I had found new way of playing the violin.
  • I did not know why she had changed her mind.
  • We did everything we could, but he said that we had had to do much more!
  • You had heard the joke before, so that is why you did not laugh yesterday.Homework 3 part 2

Change back to the Present Perfect Continuous:

  • She had been singing the main part of the opera when suddenly she coughed.
  • It had been snowing. We can see a lot of snow banks.
  • I had been swimming in the river when I heard her voice.
  • We had been dreaming when the bell rang.
  • They had been writing the test when the storm broke.

Insert the correct form of the verb in the blanks:

  • I had (do) ___ my work before he came back.
  • You had (have) _____ dinner. After you went out at 9 p.m.
  • When we had (watch) ___   ____ the film, the electricity turned off.
  • She had (dance) ___ ___ when she saw her boyfriend.
  • He had been working when he (break) ___ his pencil.
  • They had (swim) ____ this distance long before you wanted to break the record.
  • It had (eat) ___ its birdseed before it started to eat the seeds of your apple.

Correct the mistakes:

  • I had have dinner.
  • What have you being doing when I came?
  • It raining have been.
  • He hads made his apple pie.
  • You had were talking to your friend when you sneezed.

Make up sentences:

  • Made, a, had, big, they, cake.
  • Started, Adam, a, project, had, new.
  • Been, Jenny, had, working, for, hours, two, by that time.
  • You, had, looking, someone, Bella, at, been, when, touched, your shoulder.

I hope you will have a good time doing this homework! Once again check the rules here.

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