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One more step to speak English

  • August 15, 2016
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You want to speak English fluently. You visit some English Grammar/Vocabulary blogs almost daily. You like these ones, and a little more of information from here and there.

You don’t speak English.

You lack self-discipline.

Don’t you?

I understand.

I know this feeling. Please, note, no-one will punish* you or tell you some unpleasant things here.
*According to the dictionary one of the meaning of “discipline” is “punishment inflicted by way of correction and training” or one more “an instrument of punishment, especially a whip or scourge, used in the practice of self-mortification or as an instrument of chastisement in certain religious communities.”

When everything has to be exact-10

Though if we (and you in particular) would like to have any different results we have to drastically change our daily habits, life as a whole. We’ll go on a great journey of changes right today! We’ll use the small steps way of moving forward.

They say that’s possible to eat an elephant, though remember the rule: one bite at a time.

All the journals as Forbes give us from five to seven tips on how to build a strong self-discipline.

1) It’s imperative to eat (if possible eat healthily) as our brain consumes more energy and calories than the set one-hour exercises.

2) Exercising in addition to your intellectual work is necessary. Your blood should run over your body and brain, especially.

3) It’s desirable to focus on your motivation. The donkey won’t run if there’s no carrot before it’s face. The same works with people: the student won’t study if there’s no diploma or respect guaranteed.

4) You’re full of healthy food, tired after your exercises and your school. Next step of the best arrangement of your work is to sleep well.

Good sleep is more than a half of your good health, work on it: go to sleep in the right time, let your rest be calm long enough.

5) Forgive yourself. You can’t act with a bagful of irritation because of anything you did wrong 15 years ago or even yesterday.

Each step of your learning process should be positive, and it is not supposed to be useful while you have a negative state of mind.

6) It is helpful when you make yourself finish some set of work. It will show you your progress in motion and will prevent your sad thoughts that you might have had before.

They also say that it’s an excellent idea to set the deadlines for your goals: I did so, and this is a tried and tested formula for me. Still, you should be realistic: don’t set a goal of learning 3.000 words per day if you’re not used to do so.

7) Don’t let your excuses go before your goals. If you hear any kind of excuses from yourself, so don’t talk to me, speak to your-indifferent-self, and persuade him/her to listen to you. You can learn English if I could! You can do it!

8) The next step of your easy, comfortable English learning trip is repeating the whole road from the first step.

Get up, restart your journey as the carousel works. Do you remember that childish enjoyment of the amusement ride, waving hands? So repeat, repeat, and repeat the whole process while learning English.

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