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Idioms about dogs. Homework

  • August 29, 2016
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Good day for you today!

This day is our chance to practice English and to do homework!

It’s just the right time as this week the new School season starts.

That’s why we’re entering the new day with a lot if exercises and motivation so as to be ready for the new learning life under the school’s oppression.

As usual, I wish you good luck in your homework time!

In the phrases below insert the needed idiom about dogs:

For more information study the dogs’ idioms list.

Dog my cats!

  1. They had to run away ________. They weren’t supposed to stay and suffer the rest of the story.
  2. Look at Fred. In a year he wants to become a _______ in their factory. The most unusual is that he can do it.
  3. Oh! ______! Please, take Chris away from the lions!
  4. Does Bern think that it is better to be the head of a small group than a follower of a bigger one? – Yes, sure. For him it’s ________.
  5. Try to not ________. They may answer your actions in a wrong way.
  6. He stood on the nail. Everybody could see that his ______.
  7. Don’t cry; that’s just not our day. You know, ______.
  8. There was a director in our team, who could make all the rest of us move. He was _________.
  9.   One friend of mine has always liked to _____ the low-performing people. I couldn’t understand her wild life philosophy.
  10.   After two hours of family argument, they decided to ______. It was a question without much choice.
  11.  When his wife came in__________, he thought that finally, they did it! They have waited for too long the gift of the pregnancy.
  12.   Accept it. This is _______ world. One can’t change it by himself.
  13.   I’d say that they’re ________. Don’t trust them.
  14.   Thank you for a fresh idea. You know, they think that _______. But don’t worry, it may work if we make a few changes here and here.
  15.   Anna said that their project would go _____. It was clear for her from the very beginning.
  16.   ___________. You shouldn’t irritate him today.
  17.   I seem to _______, sufficiently to die from exhaustion.
  18.   Will you remember the complete meal? It’s a mix of everything, as ____. Right now I can’t retrieve a dish from today’s menu.


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