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How to motivate yourself for studying if you feel lazy

  • March 22, 2018
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Sooner or later, most students have to face the lack of motivation. The reasons can be very diverse: laziness, turbulent student life, lack of incentives, which causes many young people to study much worse than their abilities.

In order to overcome your laziness and force yourself to take up your studies, first of all, you will need willpower (it’s very important). Not everyone has this character trait from birth, but if you want it, you can train it.

How you can overcome your laziness

The education system generally has a fairly wide profile, which means that the student has to study a large number of subjects, some of them in most cases will not be useful for his or her future professional life. However, despite the fact that some subjects may seem boring and unnecessary, you will still have to take them to get your degree. To force yourself to do this, it is enough to follow the recommendations that will be listed below.

  • First of all, you will need motivation. If you’re considering dropping out of school, you need to remember for what purpose you originally entered it and how it can provide you a particularly good education.
  • Then you need to organize your workplace. You need to choose a place that will be used only for studying – don’t do other activities in this area, it should be completely separate from other zones.
  • In addition, you need to get rid of everything that can distract you in your workplace. You don’t have to throw away your TV or computer, just switch it off and forget about it for a while. You need to reserve a specific period of time for studying and to devote it exclusively to this purpose.
  • Reward yourself. Anything can be a reward. Suppose, after you’ve done an important assignment, allow yourself to play a computer game for a half an hour or eat some sweets, and remember that the more important your task is, the stronger you have to encourage yourself. Any bonus, even the smallest one can give you the stimulus you need. Also, it is worth considering the option of getting rid of the routine of writing essays, term papers and other stuff like this. If you are too tired to learn and are afraid that you might write just some nonsense in your assignment, you can order custom college essays.

Preparing for exams

The most difficult time for students is the exam period. It is during this time that it is most difficult to force yourself to learn because the brain is already tired and refuses to accept a large amount of information in a short time. During this period it is better to teach yourself to relax properly and to abstract from everything that can wait for a couple of days. This does not mean that you need to forget about studying and just go clubbing, it’s better to sleep a lot, eat healthy food and do sports.

Beginnings are important

Here is a very important rule that has already facilitated the learning process for many students. If at the beginning of the semester you act lazy, then the desire to learn doesn’t appear even before the exams. And this can be dangerous. That is why it’s important to work hard from the first days.

It is very important not to feel sorry for yourself and not to give yourself indulgences, since it is so easy to relax and succumb to laziness. However, you need to remember to encourage yourself, otherwise, your brain can betray you and not learn all the information you need at the last moment.

Professors notice the following pattern: students, who work hard at the beginning of the first semester, usually graduate with excellent grades. And what do you think happens to lazy students who skip their lectures systematically and show complete indifference to their studies?

So it is important to always remember why we are going to the university so that in the future you wouldn’t regret that you spent all these years in vain. Students should always remember why they are studying. What is the ultimate goal? Imagine your diploma in your hands and go for it.

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