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  • September 12, 2015
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Homographs are words that are spelled the same way and with the same letters but have different pronunciation, meanings or both. There are very few ways to keep these straight other than learning them through use. Below are a few examples that people new to English are sure to run across.


Notice how the letters are the same but the pronunciation is often quite different.

Spring: a coil of metal, a season

“A spring is poking through my mattress.”

“Flowers bloom in the spring.”

Trunk: storage area in a car, the nose of an elephant, the stem of a tree

“A jack and spare tire are in the trunk.”

“With her trunk, the elephant sprayed water at us.”

“Squirrels chased each other up and down the trunk.”

Mean: to indicate, offensive or nasty, to produce a result

“What did Bob mean by that?”

“I’ve never met someone as mean as Ebenezer Scrooge.”

“A big bonus check means extra presents for her sister’s birthday.”

Lie: not telling the truth, to become prone

“My dog’s expression says he wasn’t in the garbage but he’s been known to lie.”

“When you have a headache, it may help to lie down.”

Bear: an animal, to produce, to support

“I was once almost eaten by a bear.”

“Ugly trees often bear wonderful fruit.”

“Billy’s roof will not bear another foot of snow.”

Fit: suited for, in good health or physical condition, the right size

“The horse is fit for running with such long, slender legs.”

“Jogging and diet can help a person become fit.”

“The yellow dress no longer fit her so she gave it to me.”

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