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English for Intermediate Students, Lesson 12. Homework

  • March 31, 2016
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Insert the needed preposition:

  • Good morning! Stand __.
  • Come __, come __ with me.
  • Are you looking __ the weekend?
  • What do you think __ it?
  • I hate you! Go __!
  • Come __. You are welcome.
  • Once again your car broke __. Shouldn’t you repair the car at the station?
  • I will be __! In a new episode.
  • Bye! Come __ and see us sometimes!
  • Look __ the newspaper. Something wrong is going on in the city.
  • Watch __! You are in danger!
  • David circled __ the girl at the party, waiting for a chance to talk to her.Intermediate English Homework 12

Correct the mistakes:

  • Stand through! The class will start.
  • Come out! You’re welcome.
  • Follow me over the street. I will go first.
  • Calm up. There is nothing to worry about.
  • Will you come about in one hour?
  • What do you think forward this news?
  • Turn the lights up, please.
  • Think along my proposition.
  • Go off your grammar.
  • John circled out the girl at the party, unfortunately, without success.
  • Look round the chapter. I think there’s something useful for you.
  • Throw around your old papers.

Make up sentences from the two parts:


  • The news got
  • He tries to
  • She will come
  • The car broke
  • I am looking
  • Fill
  • Turn the lights off,
  • Take off your coat;
  • Look out!
  • We need to go
  • Think over
  • She promised
  • I want to


  • about that John and Sheila had got married.
  • get along with her, but without success.
  • give up drinking Cola.
  • back after her holiday in Spain, won’t she?
  • down because of you!
  • to come round.
  • it is warm inside.
  • forward Friday.
  • in these papers, please.
  • over our expenses once again.
  • what your friend told you.
  • it is not dark.
  • You will fall down!

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