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Are you dancing tonight? English for Beginners, Lesson 5. Homework

  • December 29, 2015
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What do you think about doing homework?

Today is the last week of this year, so I guess that you will have a lot to do except your homework. To be certain that you are going to do your homework, I will make it smaller than the day before yesterday.

Please, note you should learn new phrases and constructions when you find them in the theory or homework. This will help you to improve your vocabulary.

Let’s start!Homework 5

1) Write the questions:

  1. I am writing a letter; I’m going to be free in a few minutes.
  2. You are doing exercises to be more svelte.
  3. She is looking at this skirt again. She should buy it finally!
  4. Your dog is awesome. He is wagging his tale in such a cute way right now!
  5. They are studying now. Tomorrow they are going to have their last exam.
  6. They are going to act in the most famous theater in Europe.

2) Write the answers:

  1. Are you kidding me? This is not the right example!
  2. Are they going to start the show now or I have got one more minute to bring drinks?
  3. Is he eating my pie?
  4. Are we going out late?
  5. Are you playing the guitar there?
  6. Hello? Are you listening to me?

3) Fill in the blanks from the list: am working, is starting, is going, is swimming, are dancing, ‘s raining, am doing, is blushing, are smoking.

  1. ____ I _________ better today?
  2. ____ they ________?
  3. She _____________ a new poem now.
  4. Look, she __________ like a rose!
  5. What _______ on, brother?
  6. ____ I ______ tomorrow?
  7. It___________!
  8. He _______________ as a fish.
  9. ____ you _______?
  10. Hush! It _______!

4) Correct the mistakes:

  1. Every day they are working till midnight.
  2. As for him, he not going out today, because his mother doesn’t allow this.
  3. You are make a mistake: this is not the right flight.
  4. What do you doing?
  5. Is this happen every day?
  6. I am go out only tomorrow; I am busy today.

Find out the information from the lesson 5 here.

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