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Animal Idioms: Cats

  • August 8, 2016
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Idioms about Cats.

Today we’re going to start the new set of animal idioms. If you don’t mind, I’ll begin with cats being a cat-loving person.

Don’t worry: the next post will be about dog’s idioms.

Look through the list of the phrases below, study them carefully. Do you recognize your cat in some examples?

Alley cat

  1. Alley cat = a stray cat, a cat without a house and a person to take care of it;
  2. As conceited as a barber’s cat = vain, very conceited;
  3. As weak as a kitten = feeble, poor, sick;
  4. Cat burglar = a thief who climbs the walls of the house he’s going to rob;
  5. Cat gets one’s tongue = a person doesn’t speak being too shy or afraid;
  6. A cat has nine lives = as cat always survives the deadly for the other animals accidents;
  7. A cat in gloves catches no mice = you can’t get what you need if you’re too careful;
  8. A cat nap = a short sleep during the day;
  9. A cat on hot tin roof = create or do a lot of activity;
  10.   A copycat = a person who copies someone’s production;
  11.   Curiosity killed the cat = if one is too curious it may lead him into trouble;
  12.   Fight like cats and dogs = to argue with someone (especially if you know each other);
  13.   Grin like a Cheshire cat = to smile broadly;
  14.   Let the cat out of bag = to repeat or tell a secret;
  15.   Look like the cat that ate the canary = look as if you’ve had an exceptional success, self-satisfied;
  16.   Play cat and mouse with = to mock, to change your behavior when dealing with someone;
  17.   Put the cat among the pigeons = to activate the problems, influence trouble;
  18.   Rain cats and dogs = to rain very heavily;
  19.   When the cat’s away, the mice will play = when the boss is away, the employees can do whatever they want.

That’s almost all of the cat, Cheshire cat, and raining cat idioms that I’ve found on the Internet. So, be ready for the homework tomorrow.

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