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Typical Mistakes of Students When Writing an Essay

  • June 23, 2020
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An essay refers to the common form of academic writing. Since writing an essay possesses quite serious thoughts and reasoning. The teacher or employer for whom the essays are written should understand the personality and character of the author, find out for himself what his life position is.

Typical Mistakes

The first mistake is a low level of verification. Because writing an essay is a challenging process, many authors simply forget or do not want to spell check. Naturally, almost everyone checks for mistakes in the grammar of an essay. But at the same time, attention is not paid to stylistics, verification of speech turns, and the like nuances. To avoid this, students do need to re-read the essay several times.

You can even check with your friends or acquaintances. Common errors with speech turn most often occur when the text is written in free form. Hence, the author has a certain thought, he transfers it to paper, but at the same time, he can get carried away and not pay attention to the fact that he did not correctly formulate his thought while missing the basics of style.

The second typical mistake is a tedious preface or the whole text. Remember that essays should not be boring to read. If the author loves long reasoning, without grasping the meaning, then it will not be easy for him to write such material that will interest the reader. There is only one way out. It’s to give as many people as possible to read the essay and leave their opinion.

The third mistake in writing essays is verbosity. Student should not forget that the essay, like any other written work, must have a certain volume. An essay is not a term paper or a diploma. This is a brief overview of a specific topic. The essay should contain only information essentially without “water.”

The fourth mistake is long complex sentences. An essay must prove the author is right, or show his life position. Using long phrases makes this very difficult. Short and long sentences are best used. Try to read it out loud after writing an essay. If on some phrases you stammer and begin to stutter, then this is the first sign that the proposal needs to be divided.


You didn’t write for yourself, but for others, so let these others read your essay and admire your talent. It doesn’t matter how many screw-ups the reader will catch in your topic, and how logical the presentation will seem to him. You are a talent who needs grammar checker, proofreading, and editing. And this is the inflection point.

Those who don’t know where to start writing an essay can recommend a plan for writing an essay first. The compiled plan reflects the future structure of the essay; the plan determines how to compose an essay, serves as its framework. It is impossible to figure out how to write an essay without first making a plan.

It is necessary to draw up a plan before writing an essay. To make a plan, you need to study the topic. After you will be well versed in it, you will need to look at the literature that is suitable for the topic. Only after studying it will the time come to think through the theses and arguments, which just should be reflected in the plan.

One of the main tasks of writing an essay can be considered the conviction or motivation of the reader. When the author decides to sit down at work, this means that he wants to either raise a problem or show that the solution he has proposed is the right one. Even if this work is not a rush of the soul, but the task of the teacher, in any case, it all comes down to these tasks.

The question of where to start writing an essay has a clear answer: from the plan. Suppose that a plan has already been drawn up, and then a new complexity arises. How to start writing the text itself, what words should be missing pieces of the puzzle.


The final of the writing mistakes is the embellishment of the essay with clever words from the encyclopedia. It seems to many that the smarter the text will look, the more impressive it will make. But remember the most famous authors who gained their popularity, for beautiful correct syllables and, first of all, for the soul.

With the proper knowledge of how to write an essay, you can avoid common mistakes and create interesting and compelling work. Just don’t overthink too much and try to be more focused.

Follow these tips, and you can write the most “ingenious” opuses. Perhaps they will even be kept as a keepsake.

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