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English for beginners, Lesson 7. Homework

  • January 6, 2016
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I know that you missed your homework yesterday, didn’t you?

Today we are going to do exercises in past and past continuous tenses. We have to revise the grammar and completely understand the difference between action in process and one definite moment.

  • Compose the sentences using the following verbs in the right time:

do dress listen make look follow use watch


  1. I _______ TV the whole evening.
  2. You ___________ pullover or shirt; I don’t remember.
  3. I thought they _________ soup, but it turned out porridge.
  4. We ________ our exercises when he came.
  5. She __________ at me, and I did not know what to answer.
  6. He _____________ traffic regulations, they arrested him for some reason.
  7. The teacher saw they ______________ to him, but he didn’t want to stop the speech.
  8. I ________ your dictionary last week, thank you.


  1. Yesterday we _____ a lot of work. She _____ her dolls in the garden.
  2. I _____ her through the window.
  3. He _______ for new information about architecture.
  4. They ________ their homework.
  5. We _____________ to the radio in the evening.
  6. When they _______ to my last fairy tale, I said that I was going to sleep, and they ______ my example.Homework 7
  • Conduct your investigation. Yesterday you met your friend and asked him questions. Use past simple and past continuous tenses to ask questions and express your reaction.
  1. Your friend was wearing a dirty T-shirt. – What were you doing? You look messy.
  2. Your friend was looking unhealthy. –
  3. He just came from a party. –
  4. He said that they were making jokes about him. –
  5. There were too many people there. –
  6. They were drinking only juice and soda. –
  7. He was lost on his way home. –
  • Change the following phrases to the negatives:
  1. I was making a cheesecake when my phone rang. – I was not making a cheesecake when my phone rang.
  2. You were listening to me. –
  3. I was asking her about her personal life when I saw a new candidate for my stupid interview. –
  4. They were swimming under water at 8 am. –
  5. He was trying to sleep. –
  6. She was wearing her best suit yesterday. –
  7. We were talking too much. –
  • Answer the following questions:
  1. What were you doing yesterday morning?
  2. Where was your sister at 9 am?
  3. Why were you tired after school?
  4. How were they dancing tonight? Did you like it?
  5. Where was he yesterday when we were in the theater?

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