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  • December 26, 2015
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Have you practiced the material from the previous classes? Usually, I ask my students to practice as often and as much as possible. I know, you had holidays, you had almost no time to speak English. But I am joking, you have 24 hours per day to find five minutes to speak English!

Today we start new kind of exercises. Please, don’t even think about “again!” phrase. The main idea is not to get used to similar tasks and to be able to learn new things every day. So, good luck!Homework 4

1) Correct the mistakes in the following phrases:

  1. I has a lot to do today.
  2. You have get new information to study.
  3. They don’t have got a bike, but they want to buy one.
  4. Does he has a class today?
  5. I are not sure if she has got blue or green eyes.
  6. Have she got another idea today?

2) Make questions:

  1. I have got a new dress.
  2. You have a new hairdo; it’s brilliant!
  3. We’ve got a new car, just look at it, and you will be envious of our good fortune!
  4. They have got an idea.
  5. She’s got a puppy for Christmas; she is so happy now.
  6. They have got one new friend that I dislike a little bit.

3) Answer the questions:

  1. Do you have a spare ticket for the play? I want to take one friend of mine, and they don’t sell the tickets today.
  2. Have you got a new groupmate?
  3. Where do I have my watch?
  4. Have they got a new bike?
  5. Do we have the tickets? I can’t find them in my wallet…
  6. I love her so much, but I doubt if she has the same sentiments or not. Does she have any sentiments towards me?

4) Put in the verb in the correct form:

  1. I ______ a new copybook, I like it so much; it is green and yellow!
  2. ___ you ______ a sister or a brother?
  3. ____ she ____ one more bag? It’s high time for her to have a small women’s handbag!
  4. Poor child, one more time you ____ a two for mathematics!
  5. My uncle ____ ____ a new house, but he doesn’t want invite his friends there.
  6. ____ you ___ a cold? How can I help you?

Find out the information from the lesson 4 here.

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