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English for Beginners, Lesson 2. Homework

  • December 22, 2015
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Business before pleasure. First do your homework, then take a rest.

1) Write down the verbs in the correct form.

  • I brush___ my teeth.
  • Burt try__ to give up smoking.
  • You watch___ the cat video.
  • She play__ the violin.
  • We study__ the examples.
  • He wash__ his new car.
  • They catch__ our imagination!
  • Your cat touch__ me.
  • Angela say__ a poem.English Homework Lesson 2

2) Correct mistakes in the following sentences:

  1. “She love the zebras and she often visit the zoo in the town to watch them.”
  2. “John play the saxophone. But they don’t like his music.”
  3. “Their baby crys very often, they should consult a doctor.”
  4. “Your son gos to school early in the morning.”
  5. “Bob enjoies the opera.”

3) Make up sentences from the followings phrases:


  1. Wash your dog!
  2. That is Fred, he catches an insect in the next-door apartment.
  3. I don’t know your parents yet.
  4. She studies new grammar today.
  5. All I know is that Mildred prefers flowers to sweets.


  1. What does your neighbour do?
  2. What kind of gift does your friend like?
  3. I don’t want!
  4. We can meet them on Friday.
  5. Why is she so tired?

4) Now it is your turn to create new sentences using new verbs and the correct conjugation.

Good luck!

Find out the information from the lesson 2 here.

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