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Month: December 2012

Christmas Idioms and Phrases [infographic]

  • December 17, 2012
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What are Idioms? An idiom is a phrase in which the meaning has little or nothing to do with the literal wording. Examples of idioms in general speech are “raining cats and dogs” and “keep an eye out.” The first indicates a heavy downpour of rain, while the second means to keep watch for something….

Using Present Tense to Tell About the Past [infographic]

  • December 3, 2012
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“Historical present tense” can be a handy tool in narration; here are a few tips and taboos to keep in mind when using it.   Embed this image to your site: [Infographic provided by] To download high resolution poster click here. A Quick Refresher on Present and Past Tense Simple Present: “I eat a…