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This list, in no particular order, can help you to avoid skirmishes with grammar Nazis…or you can use it in studying to become one!

1. Plural vs Possessive

Folks seem driven to add an apostrophe whenever ending a word with “-s.” Here are two common mistakes that make grammar Nazis see red:


“I was born in the 60’s.”

“Boys love truck’s.”


Decades and plural nouns–80s, 20s, trucks, horses, cats–do not need apostrophes. On the other hand, when showing possession, add an apostrophe.


“The dog’s bowl is empty.”

“Susan’s coat is red.”


Plural possessive? Is there such a thing? Sure! If there are three cows and all are in the same pasture, it is “the cows’ pasture.” Pluralize, then tack the apostrophe onto the end.


“The ladies’ cheesecakes were all delicious but Betty’s was the best.”

“Bill is mowing the Petersons’ yard.”



2. “Its” vs “It’s”

Pronouns do not need an apostrophe to show possession. In the case of “it,” the apostrophe flips into the duty of …

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Words wander constantly into English, but there are some that internet users would love to see wander right back out again.



Currently the most hated word on the internet, it is associated it with the word “selfish” and with duck-lipped teens and twenty-somet…

infographic, language:

As many fantasy fans already know, George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels and its HBO TV adaptation, Game of Thrones, has become a huge hit in the United States and Europe. As a story set in a world full of political strife and situations where the diffe…

infographic, language, prepositions, vocabulary:

Prepositions can be confusing; this infographic addresses five tricky pairs of them.

Into vs In To

“Into” shows motion toward the inside of a place and answers the question “where?”


“The horse walked into the barn.”

“We drove into the city.”

“In” is an adverb and “to”…

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