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Verbal noun

When is a verb not a verb? When it is a verbal noun. A verbal noun is the infinitive form of a verb, that acts like a noun. It is usually created by adding “-ing,” after that it loses all the qualities of a verb and can now be used as a subject, direct or…

Intransitive and transitive verb

Intransitive An intransitive verb is not followed by an object. If the subject and verb can stand by themselves as a complete sentence, forming a complete idea without any helper words, the verb is intransitive. “Foofoo barked.” This clause is complete even though no other information is offered. “Foofoo, the little black cocker spaniel that…


The smallest element of sound in speech that can make one sound sound different from other is call a phoneme. The two major categories of phoneme sounds are consonant and vowel. Common consonant phonemes in English are -b, -n, -t and -r. Note how the smallest phoneme alteration in the following example changes each word…


A suffix is a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word that forms a derivative of the original and gives extra or a different meaning. It can’t be complete without some sort of root and cannot stand alone in a sentence. Common Suffix Examples in English Many suffixes as well…

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Why use a Grammar Checker?

English grammar is not so simple as you think. Just as one would check for spelling errors before submitting a piece of writing, grammar checking is also important. Spelling errors can make written materials harder to understand or may even change the meaning entirely; so too, with grammar mistakes. The recipients of your writing will notice if your writing contains mistakes and this will reflect unfavorably on you as the writer. Similarly, if you produce materials free from errors, the recipient will notice this and appreciate both your effort and skill. But you must improve your English grammar skill all the time. The English language does not always follow its own rules and can be tricky to master. Successfully navigating the grammar rules of this language tends to impress in a way akin to earning a gold star from one’s peers.

Grammar check is a useful habit for professionals in writing-heavy fields such as sales, law, or research or simply writing a term paper. It is a smart habit for individuals new to the English language. And it is an essential habit for teachers (because let’s face it, teachers are only human and make mistakes too!). Similarly, students who think “How to write my term paper?” should also make a habit of applying a grammar check to their work. Some of them even prefer to use popular custom writing services such as or However, one does not need to be a professional, teacher, or student to benefit from a grammar checker and, of course, language does not only exist in the written form. Grammar rules apply to the spoken word too! Anyone who writes or speaks in English and wishes to present his or her best image will benefit from a grammar checker.

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