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Main product features:

  • Grammar functionality
  • Spell-Check functionality
  • Thesaurus functionality
  • Rich Text Editor support
  • Up-to-date the English Language dictionary

Why it’s easy to use our Grammar Checker?

  • You can check any text by pressing a hot key“CTRL+G”
  • No need to copy-paste your texts from one window to another
  • You can check grammar and spelling errors at the same time
  • Plus you can find synonyms for the words used in your text
  • Just press “Finish Checking” and corrected text will be automatically returned to your input form


  • “I really like this grammar-checker, it’s actually easy to use I just need to press ctrl+G and check my texts.” Monika
    “I use this tool on a daily basis with Skype and I know that I send messages to my Boss without errors, in fact it helps me a lot!” Joshua King